Close Up

  • Founded in 1971, Close Up is a nonprofit that educates and inspires young people to become informed and engaged citizens. The CoSer for this program is 410.160. 

    To achieve this, we work closely with teachers, administrators, parents, and students nationwide, as well with longstanding partners and funders such as the Congress, the Department of Education, the Department of Interior, the Freedom Forum, C-SPAN, the Center on Congress and Bank of America.

    We fulfill our mission mainly by providing challenging, hands-on civic education programs for students and teachers in Washington, D.C. These programs are known for their positive impact on student attitudes and for giving teachers valuable insights to take back to classrooms nationwide. Using the nation’s capital as a living classroom, participants get a “close-up” view of government and democracy in action. They return to their communities confident to play meaningful roles. Our grads also qualify to earn credit at leading schools such as the University of Virginia and Indiana University.

Program Highlights

  • The Close Up curriculum is structured around a series of carefully sequenced program activities that stress on-site, participatory learning. During the week, students will take part in: seminars with key Washington personalities; daily briefings regarding upcoming seminar topics; visits to federal institutions and governmental agencies; workshops involving the Close Up staff and small groups of students; a Capitol Hill Day; independent activity time to permit students to visit the various sites; and daily social/entertainment activities.


  • High School Students