Brainstormers Overview

  • Brainstormers is designed for students in grades 9-12. Any student in a grade lower than ninth is not eligible for this competition.

    Teams should be composed of eight to 12 members. During the competition, four members play in Round A and four different members play in Round B. A team may compete with fewer than eight members; however, no member may compete in both rounds of a match.

    A roster of up to 20 members will be due two weeks before the first competition. Additional names may be added to incomplete rosters at any time during the regular season. If one student has played and dropped the team, the name can not be dropped from the roster.This program is based on the instant recall of general knowledge (covers math, science, social studies, English, art, music, sports, current events, etc.) and provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in academic skills.

    Schools may create one team for the season. Schools will play each school once, in the regular competition season. Schools may play a second match if invited to the Final Four Competition.

    The component districts participating in the Brainstormers competitions include:
    Avon Central School
    Caledonia-Mumford Central School
    Geneseo Central School
    Keshequa Central School
    Livonia Central School
    Mount Morris Central School
    Warsaw Central School
    York Central School

Rules of Competition

  • General Rules

  • Preparation

  • Competition Format

  • Scoring

  • Round A

  • Round B

  • Final Four


  • Regular Rounds

  • Bonus Questions

  • Lightning Rounds

  • Mistakes

  • If time runs out

  • Tips to keep in mind

  • Awards

  • Post-Competition

  • Brainstormers – General Areas

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • English

  • Math

  • The Arts

  • Other