Interscholastic Math Competition

  • The Interscholastic Mathematics Competition (IMC) provides students at the middle and high school levels the opportunity to compete with other students throughout the Genesee Valley BOCES in the area of mathematics. Participating districts select an IMC advisor/coach to assist in the preparation of their team prior to the competitions, and to chaperone the team on the day of the event. The CoSers for this program are 540.010, 540.011, 540.012, 540.013.


  • Students in grades 7-12.


  • Teams at both levels meet throughout the year to test their skills and abilities in mathematical areas that are directly aligned with the New York State Learning Standards. Exam topics are chosen based on the scope and sequence of Regents-level math courses.


  • Senior-high level teams are composed of nine students from grades 9-12. Teams may bring two alternates. Each member participates in individual, team and relay sections of the exam. High-scoring students and teams earn trophies, medals and certificates, as well as the opportunity to compete at county and state-wide tournaments.   

    Junior High teams consist of eight students from grades 7-8. As with the high school level, each team may bring two alternates. Team members participate in all three sections of the exam (arithmetic, word problems, and relays). Students and teams receiving high scores are recognized with certificates and trophies.