Mock Trials

  • Mock Trial is a New York State Standards-based competition that enables children to learn skills, information, and concepts in a venue that easily captures their interests.  Students who participate in Mock Trial are able to learn about the judicial system, work cooperatively, read and analyze legal documents, prepare persuasive statements, integrate information from several different resources, create and deliver oral presentations, and enhance higher-level thinking skills.  The CoSer for this program is 410.515.

    Participants are given a fictional scenario, based on familiar children’s stories, such as “Hansel and Gretel,” “Jack and Jill,” and “The Three Little Pigs.”  Teams are assigned their roles as defense, prosecution, and jury, and then are given several weeks to prepare their cases. On the day of the trial, all three teams meet at an area courthouse and present their cases to the presiding judge. The trial follows proper judicial protocol, as witnesses are called and questioned, the jury deliberates and the verdict is read.

    Participating districts designate a teacher/advisor to work with the Mock Trial team members to prepare them for their trial.  Teams will have approximately 12 to 15 students.


  • Students in grades 5-8.