WNY P-Tech Academy students working on a project.
  • What Does It Mean to Choose a Pathway? 

    As ninth-graders at the Tech Academy, students don’t attend in person but are connected to the school in many ways. Each month, students are visited by the school counselor to check on academic progress in the home district, to discuss opportunities at the Tech Academy, and to prepare students for the transition to 10th grade. The counselor works with students via Google classroom and emails to provide assignments exploring careers in the pathways, local workforce trends, and identifying strengths and aptitudes for career planning. As 10th-graders on campus, students explore more in-depth options that are available within these pathways in our local workforce. Students begin to identify career objectives and outline the journey they will need to take to reach their goals. By 11th grade, students know enough about the career pathways, where they fit, and they choose their pathway. From that point forward, students enroll in college courses that align with their pathway - getting a head start on the Associate’s Degree that they have chosen.

    Upon completion of their senior year, students transition to Genesee Community College with up to 27 college credits. Students enroll at Genesee Community College in classes that align with their pathway, a stride ahead of their peers. For those two years at Genesee Community College, students continue to be connected with the WNY P-Tech Academy for support, assistance with scheduling, and connecting students with their college advisors, and ultimately, the workforce. The ultimate goal is a seamless transition into a career upon graduation in their pathway.

    Why Choose a Tech School like WNY Tech Academy?

    The WNY TECH Academy sounds like it might be a technology school, but TECH is an acronym for The Early College High. The WNY TECH Academy incorporates technology into their instruction, assessment of student work, and as a means for creativity and innovation, but the pathways offered to students are a business focus, providing coursework that provides strong foundational knowledge for any student going into the workforce.

    The WNY Tech Academy is a 1:1 technology school, offering students the use of their Chromebook or technology device while in high school, and beyond while attending Genesee Community College to complete their pathway studies. In addition, the faculty incorporate technology in their instruction, offering advanced opportunities to explore projects in a hands-on, project-based learning environment, associated with their math and science classes. As an Early College High School, students earn high school credits in math, science, business, and health while also earning SUNY college credits in those courses via dual credit options with Genesee Community College. Students can earn up to 27 college credits at the Tech Academy by the end of 12th grade. And one of the most appealing qualities about attending the WNY Tech Academy is that there is NO COST for the students or families.