Regional Program of Excellence (RPE)

  • The Regional Program of Excellence is designed for self-motivated, curious, and talented students in grades K-12. Candidates should be students who have an enthusiastic, eager interest in music, dance, drama and/or visual arts.  Unique, challenging workshops and seminars are offered to augment and enhance the students' academic experience. Students identified by their schools as academically talented and/or whose curiosity expands beyond traditional classroom learning are eligible for the program.

    This program is intended for students with a myriad of interests, experiences, and abilities. Workshops and seminars, taught by college professors, independent specialists, or area artists, are offered throughout the school year.

    Most of the classes have been scheduled as full-day workshops in an attempt to offer as rich an experience as possible without impacting school attendance. As an alternative to impacting the academic day, we will also provide half-day, after-school specials and satellite locations for these workshops.

    Workshops are taught by area professionals and specialists and offer students significant hands-on opportunities in a variety of the arts. All are designed to introduce students to topics and experiences that extend beyond the classroom.