Scholastic Bowl

  • Scholastic Bowl is an academic competition with a quiz-bowl format designed to encourage and promote academic excellence. The CoSer for this program is 540.020

    Students are asked questions that demand quick recall of facts from all academic areas, as well as general knowledge, current events, sports and the arts.

    The competition gives students a forum in which to demonstrate their proficiency and to receive recognition. Students are also afforded the opportunity to interact with academically talented students from other districts.

    The top-ranked teams from regional competitions participate in final championship tournaments.


  • Students in grades 9-12.


  • Each team will be composed of up to four members at competitions.  Rosters may include up to 20 students. Schools may have more than one team.  A student cannot participate on more than one team.


  • Each competition will consist of three rounds.  All questions have a 10 point value.  A tie-breaker system is in place.

    Round 1 
    9 minute Toss-Up

    Round 2
    1 minute Lightning Round for each competing team

    Round 3
    6 minute Toss-Up

    Announcement of Winner