Enrichment Arts In Education Programs For Request

  • Please follow the steps below to complete a request.

    1. Completely fill out the form “Enrichment Request for Payment.” Forms with missing information may have delayed processing times.
    2. Contact the vendor to make arrangements. Inform the vendor that the Genesee Valley BOCES must be billed,  not your school district. Any invoice billed to anyone other than Genesee Valley BOCES cannot be processed for payment through Genesee Valley BOCES.
    3. Contact the Enrichment Arts in Education representative in your district. He/she must approve and sign the bottom of this form after the first two steps have been completed.
    4. The Enrichment Arts in Education representative will acquire the signatures of the building principal and the Superintendent. Forms that do not include all required signatures cannot be processed.
    5. Once the vendor is contacted, and all three signatures are on the completed form, send it to Laurie Copeland at Genesee Valley BOCES in Le Roy.
    6. A purchase order and/or other relevant paperwork will be sent to the vendor. You will be contacted if any other information is needed.
    7. At completion of event the verification form will be sent to Genesee Valley BOCES. Payment cannot be made to vendor until form is received.
    8. Complete evaluation.

    It takes approximately three weeks to process a request, so timely submissions are appreciated.  If you have any questions, please contact your Enrichment representative at 344-7563.

Shared Assembly Request Form: