Nursing students at graduation

Estimated Tuition, Fees and Related Costs


    Tuition & Fees* 

    Non-refundable Processing Fee


    Enrollment Term

    Clock Hours


    PN Term 1



    PN Term 2



    PN Term 3



    Total hours/tuition:   



    *Effective January 1, 2024



    Tuition includes books, laptop computers, uniforms, labs, classroom supplies, NCLEX exam fees, and NYS licensing fees.

    Related Fees

    Students are responsible for the cost of the following items. These items must be scheduled and/or purchased on your own. Costs are estimated.


    Nurses shoes


    Physical Exam, titers, TB test, flu shot and immunizations, if necessary

    $100.00 - $200.00

    American Heart Association CPR Course Adult/Child/Infant/AED


    Refund Policy

    Students who withdraw or who are terminated prior to the end of any enrollment period will be eligible for a tuition refund (Term 1 less tuition deposit and book/supplies allowance) for the term they withdraw according to the following schedule:


    Clock Hours Scheduled (PN 1, 2, & 3)

    Percent of Refund



    1 - 25


    26 - 50


    51 - 75



    No Refund

    Financial Aid Appointments

    All applicants are required to attend an Individual Financial Planning Session to design a payment plan to cover their program’s direct cost of attendance.  Financial Aid information and application assistance are provided by the Financial Aid Office to help students and their families fully understand their financial obligations prior to enrollment.

    After you have met with a Financial Aid Advisor and have successfully completed your financial aid application, your eligibility for Federal Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans will be estimated. You will be provided with an Individual Financial Plan that will summarize your expenses and Financial Aid during your enrollment in the Genesee Valley BOCES.  If your Financial Aid is not sufficient to cover your entire costs, the Financial Aid Advisor will discuss additional financing options to assist you and your family in meeting your expenses.