Creating Healthy Schools and Communities

  • Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) is a five-year (2021-2026) New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) initiative to establish and enhance sustainable healthy communities as places where it is easy to choose healthy behaviors.  The goal of CHSC is to implement local-level interventions that increase opportunities for physical activity and access to healthier foods and beverages. Genesee Valley BOCES (GV BOCES) is an NYSDOH CHSC grantee and will collaborate with eligible GV BOCES component communities and schools to engage a variety of partners and stakeholders to develop and enhance comprehensive implementation plans that support CHSC strategies.

    CHSC Strategies

    1.  Implement Food Service Guidelines and Behavioral Design Strategies within worksites and community settings to improve the availability of healthy foods and create a food environment that makes the healthiest choices the easiest choices.

    2.  Improve policies, practices, and environments for Physical Activity and Nutrition in Early Care and Education Settings.

    3.  Implement and enhance community plans, policies, and programs within municipalities to increase opportunities for safe and accessible physical activity; also known as Activity Friendly Routes Connected to Everyday Destinations.

    4.  Develop and enhance best practices for Physical Activity and Nutrition in Schools through Local School Wellness Policy, Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAP), and Healthy Nutrition Environments. 

    5.  Embed Communication and Sustainability activities throughout the CHSC Strategies to support sustainable systems and environments for physical activity and access to healthy foods and beverages within schools and communities.