Looking to Share a Course with Another District?

  • There are options available for sharing AP and Elective courses across districts. I have put together a bell schedule using Google Docs for districts that are a part of our CoSer. Administrators and Guidance personnel can use this to see which districts fit best for course sharing opportunities.

    You can also find a listing of courses offered by the New York State Distance Learning Consortium by going to: NYSDLC Course Catalog.

    For read-only access, log in with the credentials below.

    UN: distance

    PW: distance

    These courses are available for participation by our Genesee Valley regional districts who belong to the Distance Learning CoSer.

Looking for a Virtual Field Trip or Collaborative Opportunity?

  • Check out the following catalogs:


    To search the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) for Virtual Field Trips, click the Content Provider Programs button.

    To search Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPSpace) for Collaborative opportunities in your classroom, create a new account. Then click the following links: Search, Collaborations, All Open.