Diesel Mechanics

  • Diesel-powered vehicles are found in construction roles, trains, marine applications and are commonly used in the military. In addition, fixed diesel engines are widely used as a power source for generators, pumps, and other applications requiring a dependable and economical source of power.  The Diesel Mechanics Program is a two-year training sequence aimed at students who have a desire to work on trucks, heavy machinery, and corporate fleets. 

    This program is offered at both the Mount Morris and Batavia Career and Technical Education Centers.

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Units of Study

    • Safe Work Practices and Emergency Procedures
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Diesel Engine Basics
    • Brakes
    • Steering and Suspension
    • Electrical and Electronics
    • Diesel Engine Operation, Components, and Cooling
    • Diesel Engine Fuel, Exhaust, Emissions, and Tune-up
    • Manual and Automatic Transmissions
    • HVAC for Heavy Vehicles
    • Hydraulics
    • Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection Procedures



  • School Bus Mechanic
    Heavy Vehicle Service Technician
    Large and Commercial Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
    Marine and Railroad Engine Diesel Mechanics
    Fixed Diesel Mechanics
    Small Engine Diesel Mechanic

Credit Available - High School

  • 4.0 CTE


    • Follow all safety procedures, and practice safe work habits at all times
    • use equipment safely
    • work well individually and with a team
    • apply problem-solving skills to service procedures
    • have sufficient physical ability to manipulate tools and equipment