LPN students at their graduation.

Graduation and NCLEX-PN

  • A student will be eligible to participate in graduation, receive his/her certificate in Practical Nursing, and have all forms releasing the new nurse to take the state licensing testing after meeting the following requirements:

    1. Attaining completion and a minimum grade of 80% (85% in Pharmacology) in program components.
    2. Pass the final clinical with an overall (P) Pass and submit all required clinical paperwork.
    3. Satisfaction of all financial obligations to Genesee Valley BOCES.
    4. Individual attendance record of Class/Lab and Clinical hours meets the 1200 program hour requirements.
    5. Approval of professionalism/employability by the nursing department. It is incumbent upon the student to avoid actions, behaviors, and practices that are in violation of nursing standards, handbook guidelines, or professional integrity/ethics.

    When these requirements have been met, transcripts and grade reports will be issued to other schools or employment agencies and the necessary verification forms for licensure will be submitted to the State Education Department. If you are lacking in any area, your information will not be included in the submission to the State Education Department.


    GV BOCES LPN Program Graduating Rates & NCLEX-PN Passing Rates Graduation Rates:

    2020   86%

    2021   75%

    2022   68%

    NCLEX Pass Rates

    2020  Final rate:  72.83

    2020  State Mean:  74.16

    2021  Final Rate:  77.12

    2021  Last Graduating class: 88.47

    2021 State Mean:  70%

    2022 Final Rate:  91.0%

    2022 State Mean:  74%

    2022 Last Graduating Class:   Batavia -  96%

                                                         Rochester - 85.7%