Instructions to Set up Transport and Scanning of Records

  •  Instructions to Set up Transport and Scanning of Records with the GV BOCES Records Management CoSer

    1. Create a ticket/work order in Track-it to request scanning. By filling out the Work Order/ticket for scanning, it tells me that I have records on the way.
    2. Records will need to be securely boxed in 1.0 cubic foot boxes (banker boxes). Remember to tape the printed work order to the top of the boxes being sent.
    3. If you would like the records destroyed after scanning, you can fill out the “Consent to Shred Form” and send it in box #1.  Only records that have met their minimum LGS-1 Retention will be considered for shredding. All other records will be returned once work has been completed.
    4. Set up transport. You can use the bus mail when available (for a small number of records) or you make arrangements to have your courier drop off the records at the Genesee Valley BOCES LeRoy Service Center. Once the records have been received by the Records Management Department, they will be documented in the Track-it work order/ticket.
    5. When the scanning has been completed, The GV BOCES Records Management CoSer will close the work order and send any records that have not been destroyed back to the person who sent them. If records are destroyed, you will receive a signed form indicating when they were destroyed for your files.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Records Management Department at 585-658-7882 or 585-344-7882. Thank you for your cooperation.