Distance Learning

  • Distance education provides learning opportunities for students who are separated from their teachers by space and/or time.

    The mission is to provide student learning opportunities through the use of distance learning technologies that would otherwise not be available. We strive to foster a collaborative environment across the Genesee Valley region and other areas of New York State, where teachers and students can share ideas, virtual field trip experiences, and course opportunities that can not be offered otherwise.

    Virtual field trips: Interactive visits to museums, zoos, or other field trip locations where students learn and ask questions from a presenter.

    Collaborative learning between classrooms: Classroom teachers and students work together on the same lesson and project, which they compare via Interactive Video Conference (IVC).

    Author video conferences: Interactive video conference with an author where students can ask live questions.

    College courses: Whole class instruction by college professors.

    Course sharing: Ability to offer a live course to students from another district in NYS.

    AP courses/electives: Courses accessed on a computer through an online interface and taught by a teacher employed by the BOCES.

    Hybrid or blended courses: Coursework that is partially accessed online and partially taught in person by a district teacher.

    Make-up course credit: Coursework that is accessed on a computer through an online interface and overseen by a teacher employed by the district. The student must have completed the required amount of seat time in order to be eligible for a credit recovery course.