Technology Repair

Overview of CoSer 505.030

  • The Technical Repair Services provides support to our component school districts and is the first line of support for your school’s computers, mobile devices, and audio-visual equipment. We save your district on equipment cost and repair, by extending the usable life of your equipment.

    Our senior technician has over 30 years of experience to the schools. We can work in areas directly related to your needs due to our wide area of expertise.  We have developed a personal and workable relationship with your staff due to the number of years we have worked with them. We are always working collaboratively as a team supporting your school’s interests.

    We service all out of warranty repairs of your school and Edutech-owned equipment. We shop for parts at the very best price with your interests in mind. Although parts are not aidable, there is no mark up. We have bulk buying power since we are purchasing parts and supplies for all of our participating schools, not just yours. We maintain open accounts with vendors to facilitate faster access to commonly used parts.

    Due to the unity of the participating schools, we can research and adapt solutions that may be too small or too large to resolve by your school alone.

    There are no trip charges, no minimum hourly fees, nor bench fees associated for your school owned repairs.  Our response time for field service is cut by being centrally located. We pick up and return equipment to the schools, cutting your delivery cost and turn around time.

    We extend the life and cut the cost of your audio-visual and computer equipment repair by recycling pre-owned and refurbished parts that are no longer available. We maintain your essential items needed for day to day classroom instruction, thus increasing the number of available units and cutting expenditures for new replacements.  We service large ticket items that would be very costly if you needed to maintain an outside service contract. (Examples –large color or network printers)

    We offer Help Desk solutions by allowing our districts to call us directly with questions. We offer an on-site summer cleaning program for audiovisual and computer/technology equipment.

We can repair and upgrade:

    • All makes and models of computers, laptops, and Chromebooks.
    • All makes and models of printers and fax machines
    • All makes and models of televisions, DVDs, and VCRs
    • All makes and models of projectors 

Technology Repair Services Contact

  • For more information, please contact 585-344-7900.

    Shop Location:
    Pavilion High School
    7014 Big Tree Road
    Pavilion, NY 14525