Cosmetology Student Wins a Scholarship

At 18-years-old, Alyvia Fetzer knows what she wants to do with her life.  Her goal after graduation is to become a licensed cosmetologist. This senior from Warsaw Central Schools is currently enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at the Mount Morris Career and Technical Education Center.  By the spring of this year, she will have completed 1,000 hours needed to be eligible to take the New York State Licensing exam.  Once Alyvia passes this exam, she will be officially licensed and ready to put her scissors to work.

Recently, Alyvia was awarded the Professional Beauty Association Rosy Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes students who show their dedication to bettering the lives of others.  According to Yvette Seils, Alyvia’s Cosmetology Instructor, she does just that.

“Alyvia is one of those students who has the drive to accomplish anything. She attends extra educational events and participates in SkillsUSA competitions.  Alyvia is very well respected amongst her peers,” Seils said.

Alyvia chose to enroll in the Cosmetology Program at the Mount Morris CTE Center after she toured the center when she was a 10th grader.  She knew the Cosmetology Program was for her.

“I love the idea that I can change a person’s mindset and make them feel good about themselves by doing their hair and makeup. That is the reason that I chose this program and to become a cosmetologist,” Alyvia said.

Alyvia considers herself to be someone who is attentive to others, which is another reason why she wants to work as a hairstylist.

“I really enjoy talking with people and I listen closely to learn how they want their hair styled. Cosmetologists get to meet, listen to, talk with and work with so many different people which is why I will never get bored with my work,” she added. “I once heard cosmetologists described as hairapists because people often tell them their problems or concerns.”

Seils reiterated how Alyvia focuses on the needs of her customers. “Alyvia pays close attention to detail and is always professional in her appearance. Alyvia thinks before she speaks and communicates very clearly with her clients.”

After she graduates from high school and when she receives her cosmetology license, Alyvia plans to work in a salon. This scholarship will help her purchase any necessary items so she is equipped to start work. But her main goal is to always enjoy her work.

“There’s always something to learn in this field; learning new techniques and even using new tools. But the biggest thing is that I will get to meet so many new people. That’s why I know that I will never get bored.  I plan to use the scholarship money to buy shears, capes, and anything else I will need to work in a salon,” Alyvia said.

As someone who worked in salons before becoming a cosmetology instructor, Seils agrees that Alyvia will never get bored and she has great hopes for Alyvia.

“I see her opening her own salon and having a very successful business. I feel that, eventually, she will circle back and become a teacher.”

Alyvia is active in activities and clubs at the Mount Morris CTE Center and at Warsaw Central Schools. Alyvia is a five-sport athlete; she has participated in track, cross country, volleyball, softball, and cheerleading at both the JV and Varsity levels.

Seils described Alyvia as having a great work ethic. “Honestly, she is a model student and a pleasure to have in class. She is just a great person.”