Emma Sallome

  • Meet Emma Sallome, a talented hairstylist and alumna of Batavia High School, graduating in 2020. Emma's journey into the world of cosmetology began during her junior and senior years at the Batavia Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center, where she participated in the cosmetology program from 2018 to 2020.

    Emma's experience at Batavia CTE Center had a profound impact on her career. By the age of 17, immediately after graduating from high school and passing her state board exams, Emma embarked on her hairstyling career. She started taking in clients at Meraki Beauty Salon in Batavia, NY, where she has been creating stunning transformations since 2020.

    While the CTE program provides a comprehensive education in various fields, Emma always knew that she wanted to pursue a career as a hairstylist. Her passion for keeping up with trending hairstyles and colors was ignited during an eighth-grade tour of the Batavia CTE Center, solidifying her decision to join the cosmetology program and follow her dream of becoming a hairstylist.

    Emma thrives in the ever-changing and dynamic world of hairstyling, finding joy in continuous learning and growth. She appreciates the diverse opportunities the industry offers, from meeting new people to traveling and exploring avenues like continuing education and teaching.

    For Emma, the most rewarding aspect of her career is the ability to make clients feel beautiful and confident when they leave her chair. She believes in the importance of hard work and effort when pursuing a career in cosmetology. Emma emphasizes the need to stay updated on industry changes, commit to ongoing education, and consistently hone one's skills to create a successful career.

    In her advice to aspiring hairstylists, Emma encourages them not to give up. Despite the challenges and hard work, she attests to the rewarding nature of the cosmetology profession. With determination and a positive mindset, Emma believes that individuals can achieve amazing things in this ever-evolving and fulfilling career.

Emma Sallome