Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Genesee Valley BOCES School of Practical Nursing Program is 1200 clock hours. Satisfactory progress is evaluated at the end of each enrollment period (450 hours, 900 hours, and at the end of the program).


    Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes, labs, and clinical experiences.  Attendance is monitored weekly to ensure students progress quantitatively toward program completion.  To make academic progress, students cannot exceed 50 hours of absenteeism. No more than 16 hours can be missed in a clinical clinic at any time during their enrollment (as defined in the student handbook).  Students exceeding 50 hours of absenteeism will be immediately dismissed from the program.

    Academic Progress 

    Students will be evaluated at the end of each unit of study and their grade must equal 80% to remain in the program.  Quantitative progress requires students to have a minimum of 80% final average in all units of study to progress to the next term and remain eligible to receive Title IV funding.