Grievance and Concern Procedure

  • The Genesee Valley BOCES School of Practical Nursing provides a Grievance Procedure/Chain of Command mechanism by which the student may problem-solve or resolve complaints. The objectives that govern the grievance procedure are as follows:

    1. To offer the student an easily accessible means to voice issues/complaints.

    2. To alert instructors and the Coordinator to issues/complaints that may impede student progress.

    The following sequence of events has been established to guide students in resolving issues or complaints. You may seek the assistance of a faculty or staff member at any time during the grievance procedure. Because the “Chain of Command” is recognized as the cornerstone of problem resolution, the following steps must be followed in sequential order for the grievance procedure to be recognized as appropriate by the faculty and administration of the School of Practical Nursing.

    1. Step One: The first step in resolving any problem is discussing it frankly with the person involved, whether it is a classmate, instructor, or staff member. This can be settled professionally and satisfactorily; if this is not the result, move to step two.

    2. Step Two: If a satisfactory resolution is not possible, a meeting with the LPN Coordinator must be requested, where a solution will be determined. Students will be required to submit written documentation as to the specifics of the issue. Before meeting the Coordinator

    3. Step Three: If the student disagrees with the finding with the resolution within step two or disputes the validity of the solution, the student may request an appointment with the Adult Education Director within 3 business days of receiving the LPN Coordinator’s findings. The student will provide the following in writing at the time of the request:

    a. The reason for disagreement with the specific findings and resolution of the LPN Coordinator.

    b. Other pertinent information.

    4. Step Four: The Adult Education Director will meet with the student and the Coordinator (where appropriate) and review the problem or policy violation together. The student and Coordinator will submit any documents about the process to the Adult Education Director before the meeting.

    Students must follow the above process in sequential order.

    5. The final decision on the Grievance will be written up and sent to the student and Coordinator within a five-day business period.

    All official documents and communication are to be submitted by email to the LPN Coordinator - Click this link for the LPN Coordinator email address

    Students on a Last Chance agreement that have violated the agreement do not participate in the Grievance Process.

    Revised 8/2023