A teacher's aide working one-on one with a student.

School-Age Special Education Programs

  • Students who are five - 21 years of age who have been designated by their home school district Committees on Special Education (CSE) to attend programs experience a comprehensive, supportive culture of learning that fosters an engaging learning-centered environment that is both rigorous and challenging. Core subjects are aligned to New York State Education Standards, and researched-based instructional strategies are used to improve student outcomes as evidenced by data-driven instruction.

    The 6:1:1 setting facilitates small or individual learning groups for students who need individualized instructional plans with support, structure, and clear expectations. A classroom management system is part of every classroom and is part of the daily routine to support classroom culture. Program supports include academic, social, crisis and counseling support to meet the unique learning needs of each student. Students benefit from the highly structured environment as they progress toward their individual goals; opportunities to integrate some academics are available with support from the 6:1+1 teacher. 

    The 12:1:1 setting facilitates a classroom for students aged 15-21 who have a variety of educational, management, and social needs in the GV BOCES Transition and LIVES Programs. This classroom setting is designed to support the needs of a variety of learning styles, and academic supports, needed by each student to achieve and progress academically and reach their goals. Career Development and Occupational Skills CDOS) standards guide the curriculum to help students develop the skills necessary for success at work and college. Core academics are enhanced with social and work readiness skills as well as opportunities to engage in transition activities in preparation for entry-level employment. 

    Genesee Valley BOCES offers full-day and half-day programs as per recommendation by the CSE.