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Mount Morris Culinary Arts students
  • A report from the American Society for Training and Development published in 2012 highlights the growing gap in the need for skilled workers in the United States.  The report explains how the lack of skilled workers in the United States is dramatically impacting businesses' ability to keep pace with productivity, which ultimately slows the economy.

    A career in the skilled trades offers a broad scope of paths, such as construction, manufacturing, the auto industry, and engineering. These careers require problem-solving skills, mechanical ability, good hand-eye coordination, and strong math skills. These hands-on careers are challenging, fulfilling and well-paid.

    The Batavia and Mount Morris Career and Technical Education Centers offer a vast scope of programs that are proven to lead to college and or a career with a well-paying job. 

    Career and technical education (CTE) programs are at the forefront of education reform - in this region and throughout the nation. By providing students with both components of the “college and career-ready” equation, CTE programs integrate both applied and practical skills into their curriculum.  


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