Interscholastic Competition in English (ICE)

  • The Interscholastic Competition in English (ICE) provides innovative students with an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in specific English skills.

    ICE rewards creativity and competency, and promotes respect for other students' academic and artistic performance. The CoSer for this program is 540.030


  • Students in grades 9-12.


  • Each team will be composed of three members. A maximum of three teams will be allowed to compete on the day of the event. Rosters may include alternates.


  • The competition is based on creativity, performance and comprehension. Each school may send up to three teams. Teams are composed of three students, each competing in one area.

Interpretation of Literature:

  • Students answer multiple choice questions analyzing poems, short stories and essays.

Dramatic Presentation:

  • A noted work or excerpt lasting up to two and half minutes is selected by the student to present on stage.

Written Expression:

  • A creative story or essay to a random title and a written response to a quotation are written on site.

    Each area is judged independently and the composite score determines the winning teams. The top three teams as well as the top six individual scorers in each area receive awards. Teams consist of three high school students. Each student participates in only one section of the competition: Interpretation of Literature, Creative Writing, or Dramatic Performance.