APPR Re-Certification for Lead Evaluators of Teachers - Webcast

  • Description: The State Education Department requires all evaluators of teachers and principals to be certified through an appropriate training process. Lead evaluators are those who conduct summative annual professional performance reviews of teachers. Each district must certify that these lead evaluators have been trained to the minimum requirements as outlined in the APPR regulations. The components of this APPR re-certification training are based on the four-day Lead Evaluator Certificate Training. This video is meant to serve as an opportunity for Lead Evaluators to revisit the major components of that training and renew certification which will allow continued evaluation of teachers. This webcast is meant to be viewed in collaboration with an administrative team within your building or district but may be viewed by independent administrators as well. Upon registering for this webcast, participants will receive information regarding how to access the webcast and its accompanying materials. Following participation, participants will report their completion and certificates will be awarded to demonstrate successful completion of the training. The district can then use those certificates as proof of training and certify their lead evaluators.

    Audience: Superintendents, Principals and Lead Evaluators of Teachers

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