Model Schools

  • The mission of the Model Schools CoSer Service is to facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom in efforts to impact student achievement and prepare students for post-secondary opportunities. 

    The Model Schools CoSer Service also offers:

    • regional professional learning opportunities
    • customized instructional technology professional learning within districts
    • differentiated 1:1 teacher support with technology implementation
    • guidance/recommendations for purchasing new technologies
    • support with district-wide technology initiatives
    • a Technology Teacher Cohort 
    • a STEAM Teacher Cohort
    • an annual regional Digital Media Conference

    Important Documents: Please use the documents below to utilize the Model Schools CoSer.

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  • For more information on the Model Schools CoSer Services and becoming a member please contact:

    Christopher Harris
    School Library System Coordinator
    Email the Coordinator 
    (585) 344-7942 or (585) 658-7942

    Julie Hengenius
    Library Technology Specialist
    Email the Specialist
    (585) 344-7941 or (585) 658-7941
    Fax. (585) 344-7924 or (585) 658-7924

    Stephanie Burns
    Director of School Improvement
    Email the Director
    (585) 344-7923